All proceeds benefit the Santa Maria Valley YMCA families of our community, especially those with limited means

The Y Matters – Safe Childcare and our Economy

Here’s the challenge our parents, and our economy, are facing:   Remote teaching while parents are attempting to have their littles ‘logged onto’ a classroom for 6 hours a day?  What if the parents have to work remotely from home? Or at their offices? How on earth will they manage both their children at home ‘going to school’ and their jobs simultaneously demanding their undivided attention?

The truth is, they simply won’t. They can’t.

Those who have the resources will hire tutors and nannies and pay to be part of a ‘pod’ of children to work through this pandemic. Those who do not have the means will simply continue to fall behind. Behind in their own jobs, behind in their children’s’ schoolwork, behind in their house payments and rent-Simply behind.

Shared Story: An 8-year old boy, responsible for his own virtual learning AND the learning of his two younger siblings, had to make sure everyone was logging in at the right time and helping them with their work while his single mom worked at her job. He was so overwhelmed that he was not logging onto his own classes and failed miserably last spring. When he was told that remote school was happening again in the fall he burst into tears and said he couldn’t do it. He’s 8 years old. Of course he can’t do it. This is an untenable situation for the entire family.

Here’s the solution:  Our goal is to make it possible for these parents to rejoin the economy while providing safe spaces for their children to flourish and complete their homework in a CDC compliant environment.

You helping with this Y ball drop, or choosing to contribute to the Y, can help change this. The CDC compliance makes this financially unattainable, so putting together funding to provide care for these children will enable parents to return to work and keep businesses flourishing rather than closing.

There is simply no way our economy can survive and thrive if parents cannot go back to work.

Because of you we can offer financial scholarships to those who need us the most. This will be key to reigniting and regenerating our economy and providing safety for young students.

Thank you for making so much possible for so many. Please take care of yourselves and one another. Our community is strong, and together, we will get through this.


To strengthen our community by improving the quality of life and inspiring individuals and families to develop their fullest potential through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.