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OASIS Center

To celebrate our 45th anniversary, who better to choose as a fellow non-profit to honor than the OASIS Center?


OASIS Center

The OASIS Center is an amazing space where our friends and community gather to learn, grow and stay healthy long into our twilight years. Classes, seminars and activities are available to encourage this growth through everything from hiking and Dodgers games to Yoga and Bereavement Group - with dozens of options a week. We provide an atmosphere of comfort and trust, where our members and community can meet and know there is no judgment, only acceptance and gratitude for the differences that make us one great whole!

Some of the first people that I met after coming to OASIS in mid-2020 were this beautiful couple from just down the street. They brought such joy and positive energy every time I saw them. The two of them joined us for exercise classes and lunch, for Book Club and creative groups. They were always close together, always smiling and always making everyone around them feel important. They love everyone and everyone loves them! But within a year, we started to notice that the tall, mischievous spouse was slowing down really quickly. The physical loss was evident, but mentally he also started to struggle. Stumbling over his feet or forgetting staff that he used to give big hugs too became the norm. His petite wife started driving, parking the car and then getting out to run around and open the door for him, supporting his arm as they came to OASIS for a class or a group. We didn't see them as often as it became more difficult for him to make it through the most basic of daily tasks. We missed him. But we ached for his sweet wife, never leaving his side and with him every step of the way. But they continued to come to OASIS as often as they could. She said it gave her a much-needed break as she struggled with the weight of caregiving. Everyone helped with her husband so she could chat with friends and get the physical exercise that helped so much mentally and emotionally. We lost him last year. Tears flowed as we realized that he is released from the struggles of the last few years. Tears flowed because he is and will be missed by so many. Tears are shed for a beautiful man who shared joy with so many. His sweet vivacious wife was quickly back with us, needing the home away from home that OASIS is for so many. She is part of many groups, spreading a smile that never stops as she navigates a new stage in life. OASIS is a small part of that journey, as we offer her opportunities to grow and stay healthy as she crosses many different forks in the road of life. OASIS is here for all of us as we navigate life bumps and turns, offering a space to learn and grow and age together. – Michelle Southwick, OASIS E.D.

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